QTIS Compared to Bobs

The below table shows you why QTIS is the best incentive scheme in the country.

The QTIS bonus prizemoney totals for the 2015 season far outweighed the leading BOBS performers.


QTIS 2yo Earnings BOBS Earnings QTIS 3yo Earnings
Royal Tithe (Show a Heart) $165,000 Pioneering (Sebring) $70,000 Too Good to Refuse (Rothesay) $87,500
Spot the Diff  (Snitzel) $120,000 Sir Bacchus (Sebring) $70,000 Sold for Song (Collate) $85,500
Bagus (Jet Spur) $72,750 Ravi (Redoute's Choice) $50,000 Blue Desert Moon (Monashee Mountain) $82,000
River Racer (Hidden Dragon) $71,250 River Wild (Fastnet Rock) $45,000 Secret Saga (Real Saga) $80,500.00
Love Spy (Love Conquers All) $54,750 Conchita (Uncle Mo) $40,000 Mr Epic (Husson) $80,200
Two Shoes (Jet Spur) $52,500 Herne's Oak (High Chaparral) $40,000 Quick Ketch (Jet Spur) $57,500
Craiglea Evelyn (Rapid Man) $52,200 Kangarilla Joy (Lonhro) $40,000 Craiglea Wandoo (Warhead) $56,800
Tiyatrolani (Captain Sonador) $49,500 Last Witness (Star Witness) $40,000 Arthur le Roi (Artie Schiller) $51,800
Fallen for You (Show a Heart) $49,050 Morton's Fork (Ad Valorem) $40,000 Honesta (Monaco Consul) $49,000
Winning Rupert (Written Tycoon) $49,000 Rodrico (Manhattan Rain) $40,000 In His Stride (Rothesay) $49,000
Dieters (Written Tycoon) $49,000 Scarlet Rain (Dane Shadow) $40,000 Casino Thoughts (Casino Prince) $40,900