Why Buy Australian?

Why buy Australian?

Prizemoney is a key indicator of the economic health of the industry. Since 1987 there has been an increase in prizemoney of some 150%, indicating a strong and growing industry. In the past six years prizemoney has risen by over 50%.

Australia is one of the leading nations in distributing prizemoney amongst owners, with the third highest total prizemoney in the world, totalling over $421million in 2008/09 at an average of $15,000 per race.

Another reason for buying Australian is that Australian bloodstock is well regarded throughout the world, with approx 1,500 horses being exported last year, with the number of imports decreasing to 950 horses, indicating the popular demand for Australian thoroughbreds worldwide.

Why is Australia the greatest country to breed, rear, purchase and race Thoroughbreds ?

The Answer is often in one word CHOICE.....

  • The Magnificent Horse Country
  • The Favourable Exchange Rate
  • Black Type that really Counts
  • A wide range of breeders
  • The choice of hundreds of stallions.
  • The choice of outstanding Stud Farms in perfect climatical conditions.
  • The choice of thousands of yearlings.
  • The choice of dozens of trainers in many training centres in the most professional racing country on earth.

The Magnificent Horse Country

Australia is blessed with Magnificent horse country that is found predominately along the ranges and slopes in Eastern and Southern Australia. Because of it's isolation Australia is relatively free of equine diseases.

The Favourable Exchange Rate

The Australian dollar is the most undervalued of all the currencies and this presents great opportunity to overseas buyers. The conversion rate is normally around 52 Australian cents to 1 US dollar mark.

Foreign Exchange Centre - Calculator

Black Type that really Counts

Black type is more conservatively allocated in Australia than in other countries so it really counts. Most countries allocate 5% of their races as group and listed races and often run group with only four or five states.

Black type races are only about 2.5% of total races in Australia and nearly all attract fields of over 10 starters. The criteria and conditions are published and the black type (group and listed races) programme and results can be found on this website under the heading Black Type Racing all results are hyperlink to the Australian stud book for the viewers convenience.

A wide range of breeders

There is only one large herd of broodmares in Australia (Woodlands Stud) and most of the broodmares are in small herds, in fact over 85% of breeders have less than 6 mares.

The smaller and medium sized studs have tremendous success on the track and our analysis of the breeders of Group and Listed races has shown that the bigger studs, which tend to be developing into stallion stations are seldom the breeders of our better horses.

So buyers in Australia have a great choice of rearing skills as well as pedigrees from which to choose.