Incentive Schemes

Incentive Schemes

Racing has never been more lucrative with state-based incentive schemes distributing more than $16 million in bonuses combined.

The Queensland Thoroughbred Incentive Scheme (QTIS) is internationally recognised incentive scheme designed to maximise market interest in Queensland bred horses and increase their racetrack earnings.

QTIS distributes over $4.5 million in added bonuses to owners, trainers and breeders and with the new exciting QTIS 600 race series bonuses (fee of $3,300 applies), your horse can be in the race for over $10 million in added bonuses.

If you purchase your yearling through the QTIS 600 Sale, you are also in the running for the $5.975 million Magic Millions race series bonuses at no extra cost but with over $16 million in added bonuses (on top of normally prizemoney).

The Super VOBIS scheme has been successful in attracting many investors to Victoria and Tasmania distributing in excess of $12 million last season to owners, trainers and breeders.

SABIS has provided impetus to the South Australian industry distributing $1.8 million last year to breeders, owners, trainers and riders, while Western Australia boasts the exciting Westspeed Incentive Scheme providing in excess of $850,000 to breeders and owners annually.

In NSW, the Breeder Owner Bonus Scheme (BOBS) encourages participation in the racing of NSW bred two & three-year-old horses distributing $4.5 million last year.

Why Buy Queensland Yearlings

Queensland horse sales offer pedigrees/bloodlines of International quality, including the most prominent bloodlines from USA, England, Ireland, Japan and France.

By supporting the Sunshine State you can be in the race for over $16 million prizemoney.

Queensland horses have outstanding success records across the nation as well as internationally. Export markets including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and New Zealand.

Australian bloodstock is well regarded throughout the World, with total exports increasing by almost 100% since 1997, with the number of imports decreasing, indicating the popular demand for Australian thoroughbreds Worldwide.

Prizemoney in Australia is a key indicator of the economic health of the industry. In the past six years prizemoney has risen by over 50%, indicating a strong and growing industry.

Australia is one of the leading nations in distributing prizemoney amongst owners, with the third highest total prizemoney in the world, totalling $308 million at an average of $14,535 per race.