How to identify the name and pedigree of your horse

If you have purchased or have been given a horse without ownership papers the Registrar of Racehorses can assist you in identifying your thoroughbred, as all racehorses competing in Australian races must first be registered prior to racing.

indentificationThe Registrar of Racehorses is the custodian of all identification information pertaining to thoroughbreds registered in Australia

Applications for identification should be sent to the Registrar together with the search fee of A$50. THE FEE WILL BE REFUNDED IF THE SEARCH IS UNSUCCESSFUL

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To identify a thoroughbred it is necessary to supply The Registrar of Racehorses with the following information.

1. Draw all white markings in black on the diagram above.
2. Draw in the whorls where they appear on the horse using this symbol: *
3. Draw in scars.
4. Complete the following:

  • Sex of horse:
  • Colour of horse:
  • Age of horse:

The lower figure on the off side gives the decade eg 55 over 9 means the 55th foal branded with the brand in 1979 or 1989 or 1999. The teeth will give the correct decade.