Changing of the Guard

The newly elected State Government and fresh Racing Queensland board will be put to the test at the end of June when the Race Fields Legislation for Queensland is reviewed.

TBQA President, Basil Nolan met with the new racing minister, Steve Dickson early in May and was very impressed. Mr Dickson was even forward-thinking enough to seek us out, and only after being in office for two weeks!

Despite being new to the industry, it was clearly evident that Mr Dickson has done a lot of research. He knows where the problems are and has some good ideas to fix them. Unfortunately, there appears to be very little finances available from State coffers to inject into our industry, but Mr Dickson is aware of other avenues where turnover can be generated and lead to substantially increased prizemoney.

The change of Government brought about another long-awaited and much needed change. The resignation of Racing Queensland Chairman, Bob Bentley and his committee-men, Tony Hamner and Bill Ludwig in April. Racing in our State has died a slow death under their control and is in dire straits.

Congratulations to Kevin Dixon on his appointment as the new chairman, along with Warwick Stansfield, Greg Hallan and John Falvey who will join Kevin on the board. There is a lot of work ahead for them and it will unfortunately take a few years to recover and get us back on track, but under these changes we can band together and do it.

This 'changing of the guard' will be put to the test at the end of June, when Queensland's Race Fields Legislation is reviewed. The TBQA will be fighting to ensure racing participants get the best outcome - that is a similar turnover-based fee to that in NSW.

Congratulations to the two NSW racing boards and Peter V'Landys for the time and effort put into their case which has been justly rewarded. Hopefully it's set a precedent!