Floating Mares Interstate for Breeding

The Qld government is differentiating between mares and staff moving in trucks (which can apply for a freight permit) and those breeders and their staff travelling with floats pulled behind vehicles.

For those breeders choosing to use floats the process will be slightly different.
They should:

• Print and carry a copy of a special class exemption for agricultural specialist worker. This document can be found here: https://www.daf.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/1497695/Class-exemption-farmers_new.pdf

• Have a permit for NSW https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/transaction/apply-covid-19-nsw-border-entry-permit (while breeders might not be stopped entering NSW there is a possibility of being checked further into the state)

• They should also carry with them completed copies of their farm’s COVID safety plan and their transport safety plan. TBA has developed two documents (available below for download) to help farms with this paperwork.

• They should also have a letter from employer stating they are an essential agricultural worker and an employee.

• They should also have a letter from covering farm confirming the reason they are travelling the mare.

• Drivers/staff should also carry their driver’s license as proof of identity and residence.

• Exempt workers also encouraged to have a worker-specific quarantine plan demonstrating how they will minimise interactions with the community on their return to Queensland. (available below for download)

• All movements should also be recorded with TBQA, as with those moving with trucks. These registration papers are available below for download and must be emailed back to the TBQA via info@queenslandbreeders.com.au

 The class exemption for agricultural worker states that staff/drivers have to travel DIRECTLY to and from the farm in NSW. They are NOT permitted to stay overnight at a hotel.

Given the travel involved, we would suggest that if you plan to float your mare you should send two drivers (with all paperwork completed for each) or seeing whether a driver could rest at the stallion farm. 

Finally, those travelling under this exemption do not need to complete an online Qld border declaration pass.