Trucking Mares Interstate for Breeding

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia has negotiated an exemption that will cover breeders moving mares to NSW for the breeding season in trucks.

We know some farms don’t have trucks, but rather use floats pulled behind SUVs, but the following guidelines are for trucks only. We are still working out a protocol for smaller, lighter, floats and are confident this will be resolved next week. 

As for those using trucks, they will need to follow the process listed below. It is important that people comply with the process. Anybody trying to cross into Qld from NSW is going to be stopped and questioned, so all the paperwork needs to completed and in order.

There are lots of stories of the military and police on the border being over zealous how they are administering the rules, so it will be far better if those travelling with horses are well prepared.

Please be aware it could only take one person to not comply with these guidelines and put our entire industry at risk of losing this exemption. Please be thorough and responsible and follow this protocol closely.

The process:

1. Register for a freight permit with the Qld government when doing this click on first option as a commercial freight transporter

2. Have a COVID safe business plan (for farm) and Covid Safe Travel plan. TBA has developed these two plans that all businesses can use. A completed copy of both should be carried on the float. It is important the travel plan is updated by the driver throughout his/her journey. These plans are available for download at the bottom of this information.

3. Have a permit for NSW (while breeders might not be stopped entering NSW there is a possibility of being checked further into the state)

4. Carry a letter from stud saying the driver is employed by them and where the horse/driver are going to and that this is a commercial movement of the horse. It should also include details of where the driver will stay if resting overnight and make clear the driver will observe social distancing rules

5. The details of the trip, including name of driver, float number plate, destination, name of horse on board will all have to be registered beforehand with TBQA. If there is any issues on the border the government may call on TBQA to provide the list, so it’s important it is up to date. This form is available for download below. Please complete and email these details to before your journey.

6. Staff will need to be aware and follow the guidelines that come with the permits and Covid safe business plan (keeping a record of where they’ve been and who they’ve come into contact with etc)

We will let you know as soon as we have further guidance on the use of floats. We appreciate everybody’s patience in this tricky period.