Point of Consumption Tax


Dear TBQA Member,

The Point of Consumption tax is an extremely important issue that currently sits before the State Government.

The POC tax is a levy imposed on online gambling establishments.

The Courier Mail has reported that Queensland’s tax is almost twice the rate of Victoria, and that the State Government will collect just over $70 million in 2018-19 and that will increase to $101 million by 2021-22.

The big issue for our industry now is that we need this revenue to be returned to the racing industry and now is the time to put the pressure on local Members and the State Government to ensure that whatever POC tax they collect, it comes back into racing coffers.

There has been a small win this week, with the State Government deferring their decision on the matter from July 1st until October 1st.

That gives the industry time to rally, stand unite and have our voices heard. We desperately need these funds to be returned to the industry so that we don’t fall further behind NSW and Victoria. These funds could assist with prizemoney and breathe new life into the industry by creating jobs and allowing breeding and racing to grow and prosper.

I urge you to please contact your local MP and raise this situation with them and express how important it is for the future livelihood of this industry to have the POC reinvested in the thoroughbred, harness and greyhound codes.


Basil Nolan

TBQA President