Why Join TBQA?

Membership of the Thoroughbred Breeders Queensland Association is essential for every breeder.

By joining, you will assist the TBQA’s objective as a lobby group to protect and advance the investment of thoroughbred breeders.

Some of our major achievements in 2011 include retaining the Queensland Oaks, the new QTIS and 2012 QTIS sale, government funding for Hendra Virus research and assisting our members with feeding or relocating horses during the floods.

The TBQA maintains its own membership base to serve the unique needs of our State’s breeding industry. The larger membership base we have and the more breeders we represent, the greater our impact when we need to lobby various issues for you.

We are constantly working hard to ensure the Queensland industry goes from strength to strength and we are certainly seeing the results of Queensland breeders both in the sales ring and on the track, across Australia and internationally.

During the EI crisis we had a very big influence with the Government and Department of Primary Industries. Our opinion and expertise was called upon on many occasions.

The biggest factor in being sought out to give advice on behalf of an industry is the membership base.

If you are not a member of the TBQA WHY NOT JOIN NOW?

The good news is, we have almost 700 members and they represent at least that number again of industry participants.

We have the largest representation of any of the State's Breeder organisations.

We have many ongoing issues to deal with on behalf of the Queensland industry. Some of the issues we are currently addressing include:

Improving prizemoney for QueenslandLobbbying to ensure a better deal when the Race Fields Legislation is reviewed in June 2012Fine tuning QTIS and the QTIS saleHendra Virus management and vaccination roll outLobbying to introduce an Impoundment of Livestock Legislation for bad debtorsImprovements to tick managementEnsuring a better deal when the TAB Legislation is renegotiated in 2014The Governance of the Queensland Racing industryEnsuring the Racing Minister and the Queensland Government is kept aware of the thoroughbred breeding industry's importance and our key issuesRepresentation on Thoroughbred Breeders Australia so decisions are made in the best interests of breeders in this stateGeneral promotion and marketing of the Queensland Thoroughbred breeding IndustryPursuing Thoroughbred Industry’s interests within Queensland in the face of criticism from the NON Thoroughbred sector