Thoroughbred Breeders Australia

Thoroughbred Breeders Australia TBA is the parent company of the six State breeders’ associations and has an associate membership base of 3,700 individual breeders and industry participants. TBA is a non-profit industry body established for the benefit of the Thoroughbred breeding industry. TBA is comprised of a Board of 14 directors constituted by two representative members from each of the 6 state breeders’ associations and Aushorse Ltd.

TBA is recognized by the Australian Government, the Australian Racing Board, the Australian Horse Industry Council, the Australian Stud Book, Austrade and by all state Principal Racing Authorities as the peak industry body. TBA represents the Australian Thoroughbred breeding industry at the International Breeders Meeting and the Asian Racing Conference.

TBA takes a leadership role on issues of national and international importance such as quarantine, biosecurity, animal welfare, taxation, immigration and other government and regulatory issues. It represents the interests of breeders in dealing with the Stud Book, The Australian Racing Board and race clubs in addition to other stakeholder organizations.

In 2007 TBA established a subsidiary company, Aushorse Marketing Pty Ltd to specialise in marketing and promoting the Australian Thoroughbred industry both domestically and overseas.

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Australian Stud Book

The Australian Stud Book is owned jointly by the Australian Jockey Club and the Victoria Racing Club and is located at Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney. The mission of the Australian Stud Book is to ensure the integrity of thoroughbred breeding in Australia. Its main functions include parentage testing and identification procedures including DNA testing of mares and foals and the recording of mare progeny and stallion statistics. The Australian Stud Book introduced microchips to the 2003 Australian foal crop, which serve as the most secure means of foal identification and teamed with freeze branding, will provide racing officials with the most dependable identification system in the world.

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Australian Racing Board

arbThe Australian Racing Board (ARB) was established in June, 1998. The precursors to the ARB were the Australian Conference of Principal Racing Clubs (ACPC) and the National Office of Australian Racing (NOAR). The ACPC was a meeting of the Principal Clubs – held at Easter in Sydney and during the Spring Racing Carnival in Melbourne – which can be traced back to the early 1900s. The NOAR was established in 1990 to provide a secretariat for the ACPC.

In 2003 the ARB was incorporated and the Australian Racing Board Limited (ARBL) then became constituted as a company limited by guarantee. It is a not-for-profit organisation with objectives that are concentrated on developing, encouraging and promoting the sport of thoroughbred racing throughout Australia .

Its members are the Principal Racing Authorities (PRAs) that supervise and control thoroughbred racing in each State and Territory.

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