About Thoroughbred Breeders Queensland

The purpose of the Thoroughbred Breeders Queensland Association is to promote and advance the interests of the Breeding Industry in Queensland.

Our ten-person committee is part of a network of kindred organisations from each state which, with the National body, Thoroughbred Breeders Australia, represents the interests of thoroughbred breeding throughout Australia at a local, federal and international level.

Membership of this progressive organization will assist the TBQA’s objective as a lobby group to protect and advance the investment of thoroughbred breeders.

Some of our major achievements in 2011 include retaining the Queensland Oaks, the new QTIS and 2012 QTIS sale, government funding for Hendra Virus research and assisting our members with feeding or relocating horses during the floods.

We have previous played a key role in the management of Equine Influenza and resolving to introduce a vaccine for the devastating dieseas.

The TBQA maintains its own membership base to serve the unique needs of our State’s breeding industry. The larger membership base we have and the more breeders we represent, the greater our impact when we need to lobby various issues for you.

We are consistently working hard to ensure the Queensland industry goes from strength to strength and we are certainly seeing the results of Queensland breeders both in the sales ring and on the track across Australia and internationally.


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